Alarm, access control and security camera installation

With ADACS alarm, access control and security camera installation, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a team with 27 years experience.

Security Camera Installation

Benefit from ADACS’ 25 years of security system installation in the Melbourne business community.

Choose Melbourne’s best security system installation by calling the city’s most skilled and reliable professionals. ADACS will create a custom team with relevant industry experience to ensure your system is expertly installed and thoroughly tested. Our alarm, access control and security camera installation is tested to ensure your system works 100%.

Trust the team that has delivered hundreds of successful security installations across Melbourne.

Security system installations that minimise repairs, downtime and blackspots.

Get access control solutions, alarms and security camera installations that are guaranteed to be reliable.

Putting your security in the hands of inexperienced, unqualified or non-compliant technicians is a dangerous risk. Even the slightest mistake can have catastrophic effects. That’s why more businesses choose the risk-free option: ADACS.

Our careful security camera installations, alarm systems and access control solutions are thoroughly tested, with regular follow-up calls to ensure your system works efficiently and reliably. Our team takes pride in its work. Our mission is to keep your system online and operational for years to come, ensuring you get the best value from every device.

Find out why Melbourne businesses trust ADACS.

Security Access Control Installation
Security System Installation

We go above and beyond to keep your system in top working condition.

Nobody tests security camera installations, devices and wiring more rigorously than our technicians.

Other security installation companies can’t wait to get your sign-off and move on to the next job. But here at ADACS, we aim to retain your business.

We’ll take the extra time to double-check the security system installation and run additional tests on all devices. Our experienced professionals push the technology’s capabilities to iron out any bugs. We ensure you can trust your new security system to be robust and reliable. Just to be sure, you can expect a technician to check in and get your feedback on the quality of the installation.

Talk to a senior technician today to learn more about our proven installations.

The most reliable alarm, access control and CCTV installation in Melbourne.

ADACS sets the standard for professional security system installation and service quality.

Always installed to your specifications

Our installations strictly follow an approved design that has received your full input. Get the agreed devices, integrations and interfaces expertly installed by qualified professionals who adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.


Our team is fast and efficient, but we’re also sensitive to the needs of your business. If the system installation interferes with productivity, we’re always happy to be flexible. Talk to us about our after-hours service. 

Thoroughly tested

Our standard is simple: whether it’s an alarm or security camera installation, it isn’t complete until it’s 100% functional and reliable. Our technicians take the extra time to ensure you’re completely satisfied. Your devices, wiring and interfaces are tested until we believe they are reliable and robust.

Additional checks and follow-up

We’ll always call to get your feedback on the installation. That may not be an industry standard, but it’s an important standard at ADACS. If the system needs to be tweaked, we’ll ensure adjustments are completed quickly.

What our customers think about ADACS Security

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them.

“Their state-of-the-art security solutions make you feel like you're living in the future. It's not just protection; it's peace of mind redefined. ”

David Piles

“Thanks to the team at ADACS for their efforts to achieve a cost effective solution that has substantially improved our site security. ”

Simon McDowell

“I was impressed with ADACS Security and its professionalism. I'm 100% satisfied with their work and attitude. I gladly recommend them.”

Shane Dawson

A proven installation team featuring Melbourne’s top experts.


Our technicians will never make a decision without your approval. We believe it’s essential for our clients to have a solid working knowledge of their systems to make the savviest decisions. So you can always expect close communications and complete transparency.


After working with hundreds of Melbourne businesses, we know how much damage an inexperienced installer can do. That’s a problem you’ll never have to worry about when you work with ADACS. We’ve hired, trained and developed some of Australia’s leading experts. From thermal imaging to solar 4G, we’ve got the right technicians for your job.


We understand how disruptive a major installation can be. The last thing we want is for productivity to be affected by our work on your site. Whether it requires after-hours service, weekend work or a temporary halt, we always endeavour to be as flexible as possible.


Our professionals have the full range of working permits, certificates and insurance coverage. We come prepared for any security challenge by training our dedicated teams to work in any environment and under any conditions.

ISO 9001
Axis Communications
Inner Range

Our senior technicians have more than 25 years delivering security camera installations, alarm systems and access control devices.

Your security installation will be designed and supervised by a senior technician with experience in your industry. That’s a crucial advantage few security system installation companies can offer. You’ll benefit and profit from the product knowledge we’ve earned during dozens of large and sophisticated security installations.

Your installation team will include technicians with a deep understanding of your system’s design. Led by a senior technician, our professionals deliver precise alarm, access control and security camera installations according to your specifications.

Experts in the latest technology

Our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements in the security industry. We’ll recommend the most relevant and efficient devices for your business, including cameras, alarms, access control systems, and duress buttons.

The best recommendations

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them. We pay particular attention to value, including long-term savings. We’ll design a clever system that meets every requirement of your business.

Professional installation

Poor installation can render the most sophisticated security equipment ineffective. With ADACS, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your system. We’ll expertly install devices and integrate new equipment with your systems.

Peace of mind

When we talk about peace of mind, it’s not just the quality of our design and installation. It’s the quality of our people. When you see a technician wearing the ADACS brand, you know they’re qualified, certified, insured, polite and friendly.

100% Reliability

We measure the success of our installations by the number of our systems that still work at 100% efficiency. ADACS provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system protects your organisation and its assets.

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ADACS Security Systems has a reputation for providing innovative and leading electronic security services and products.

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