Melbourne businesses' most trusted security system installers.

Learn how ADACS’ commitment to customised solutions has made us Melbourne’s most trusted security system installers, designers and suppliers. 

ADACS Melbournes Trusted Security Provider

The security system installers who changed the way Melbourne security is designed, installed and maintained.

ADACS Security was created in 1996 to challenge the norms of the security industry. The company was established to offer clients a revolutionary approach to security solutions.

In an industry where security system installers often repurposed plans and equipment, we decided ADACS security systems would never apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to design. Our rapidly growing team quickly earned a reputation for designing and installing systems shaped by each client’s unique needs and purposes.

As our popularity grew, so did our experience in the Melbourne business community. During hundreds of projects, we developed a deep knowledge of each sector and refined the skills of our senior technicians.

After more than 23 years of service to Melbourne businesses, our company has evolved to become the premier commercial team for security design, installation, maintenance and repairs.

How ADACS became Melbourne businesses' most trusted security system installers.

With a huge team that features Australia’s leading authorities on security, and access to the world’s most extensive range of high-tech devices, ADACS has become one of Australia’s premier security system installers.

We’re proud of our depth of knowledge, expert personnel, and the unique set of values that have made ADACS security systems the highest quality in Australia.

ADACS is unlike any other security installation company. Our commitment to creating tailored designs creates incredibly robust and elegant solutions that perfectly integrate with the day-to-day operation of each client’s business.

ADACS’ dedication to our clients has led to hundreds of close partnerships that we nurture by providing ongoing support, whether it’s maintenance, upgrades or great advice.

To design and install customised commercial security systems that are built to last.

To raise the standard of tailored commercial security solutions and dramatically reduce instances of crime.

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Melbourne’s most qualified security experts

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Oliver Robinson

Cyber Security Analyst

As a cybersecurity analyst, I can vouch for ADACS Security’s proficiency in the field. Their seamless installation of advanced systems coupled with a highly trained staff ensures a robust security network.

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