Smartphone door access control system installation

Talk to Melbourne’s smartphone door access control system specialists for reliable mobile access control installations and repairs.

Mobile access control is safe, fast and incredibly easy to manage.

Take advantage of the popularity of modern smartphones to create a smartphone door access control system that your security team and personnel will love. Using an easily administered mobile access interface, set up users in seconds and enjoy the speed and convenience of mobile access control.

Clear queues faster

Personnel can get through any access control point with a quick tap or twist of their mobile device.

Improve security

Everybody relies on their mobile phone, so you can eliminate security risks by using a unique and personal signature that people are reluctant to share.


Reduce the risk of infections and viruses by eliminating contact. A smartphone door access control system works from an inch away, right up to 4.5 metres.

Efficient Administration

Manage your team’s credentials quickly and safely in the cloud. You can upload an entire list or set up a new user in seconds.

Improve your security with ADACS’ end-to-end Mobile Access Control solutions.

From assessment and designs to maintenance plans and urgent repairs, ADACS is renowned for the highest quality customer service.

Smartphone door access control system design

ADACS can improve any access control system. Our team will assess the condition of equipment and provide a transparent and affordable plan to ensure devices meet requirements

Survey and Consultation

Get fast and honest assessments of retail spaces, government sites, offices, and industrial plants. We can tell you how long each device will remain relevant and operational. We can also plan efficient security systems from scratch, ensuring your organisation benefits from the latest innovations.

Security System Installation

With the most experienced and specialised technicians in Melbourne, ADACS turns excellent designs into elegant installations that work seamlessly with your everyday operations. Our flexible approach to installation can cut down on security downtime and minimise interruptions to your operations. 

Preventative Security Maintenance

After 25 years in the industry, we’ve learned that when it comes to security equipment, prevention is much more affordable than a cure. With regular security checks, you can gauge the lifetime of each device, and minimise wear and tear. Most importantly, we’ll help you avoid inevitable faults that can prevent your system from capturing, storing and accessing footage.

Mobile Access Control Upgrades And Repairs

Few security companies in Melbourne have our comprehensive knowledge of brands, models and integrations. That’s why we’re the team businesses call when other technicians fail to fix devices. If the device is destined to fail, we’ll be upfront about it. The safety of your assets, team, stock and customers depends on it.

What our customers think about ADACS Security

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them.

“Their state-of-the-art security solutions make you feel like you're living in the future. It's not just protection; it's peace of mind redefined. ”

David Piles

“Thanks to the team at ADACS for their efforts to achieve a cost effective solution that has substantially improved our site security. ”

Simon McDowell

“I was impressed with ADACS Security and its professionalism. I'm 100% satisfied with their work and attitude. I gladly recommend them.”

Shane Dawson

ADACS mobile access control solutions are changing the way Melbourne companies do business.


ADACS’ training, certifications and experience make our team the most qualified specialists in Melbourne.


As our carefully selected ADACS team installs devices on your site, you can be sure we’ll adhere to same policies, ethical guidelines and behaviours you expect from your team.


Our experts love sharing information on products and unlocking the potential of every feature. We’ll ensure you understand how to get the best from every system.


You can expect our team to ensure your mobile access system is installed correctly and tested rigorously to ensure it’s a robust solution.


Our experience delivering mobile access solutions for your sector will help us design a custom solution that will deliver the best value.

ISO 9001
Mobile Phone Access Control

Why pay for expensive tech when you can manage access with existing devices?

Turn everybody’s favourite tech into a smartphone door access control system.

Whether your mobile device of choice is a smartphone, tablet or wearable, it’s likely to be on you at all times. Unlike key chains or cards, our mobiles are never far from our thoughts. That means they’re less likely to be misplaced, stolen or lent to a fellow worker.

It makes sense that our favourite tech also has the power to be turned into a mobile access control device that’s convenient, fast and unique to each individual. Even better, mobile access is easy to manage. It only takes seconds to add a user, generate an invitation, download an app and start using new credentials.

ADACS mobile phone access control solutions provide superior security and incredible ease of use, both for personnel and administrators.

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Inner Range

Learn how to harness existing technology and turn any mobile or wearable into a mobile access control device.

Few security design and installation teams have the experience and knowledge to create the ideal CCTV camera, alarm and access control solution for your site. The scale is simply too challenging for allrounders or small inexperienced teams. For over 20 years, ADACS has been building a reputation for tackling the most demanding security projects and delivering outstanding results.

Experts in the latest technology

Our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements in the security industry. We’ll recommend the most relevant and efficient devices for your business, including cameras, alarms, access control systems, and duress buttons.

The best recommendations

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them. We pay particular attention to value, including long-term savings. We’ll design a clever system that meets every requirement of your business.

Professional installation

Poor installation can render the most sophisticated security equipment ineffective. With ADACS, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your system. We’ll expertly install devices and integrate new equipment with your systems.

Peace of mind

When we talk about peace of mind, it’s not just the quality of our design and installation. It’s the quality of our people. When you see a technician wearing the ADACS brand, you know they’re qualified, certified, insured, polite and friendly.

100% Reliability

We measure the success of our installations by the number of our systems that still work at 100% efficiency. ADACS provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system protects your organisation and its assets.

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