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It is crucial to us that you have confidence in your new security system. Below we will answer some important questions our customers often ask.

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Is a CCTV system needed on my property?

We believe it’s a valuable investment to install one of the most effective criminal deterrents on the market: a CCTV system. Even if a crime does take place you benefit by having video footage of the act. This can become evidence if someone needs to be prosecuted.

What is the difference between a digital and analog CCTV system?

Digital and analog CCTV systems are both valuable however they differ in cost. In most situations, the digital CCTV camera will be the best option. Utilising a digital CCTV system provides a higher image quality and can be controlled remotely from your computer or smartphone among other advantages.

What if I need more cameras at a later date?

You can get extra cameras at a later date if you desire this. With our flexibility, you can change the number of cameras or the storage capacity at any moment.

How effective are security alarms?

A well-maintained alarm system is effective in detecting and preventing both damage and intrusion. If an alarm is neglected, it can become a liability. Ultimate security will work with you to keep your premises protected, using the latest technology.

What type of security camera is best?

Our team will recommend the best camera for your home and lifestyle requirements. However, our security camera system blog provides a general guide to cameras we’d recommend.

Should My System be Monitored?

Unmonitored alarms can be a major threat to your property. Choosing a monitored system is always recommended, whether it be self or professionally monitored. Both options allow you to remotely monitor your property and will ensure that you are notified immediately in the instance of a security breach.

How many cameras and channels do I need?

The number of cameras determines the number of different perspectives you can monitor, while the number of channels determines the number of cameras you can view on one recorder. The number of cameras and channels you need will depend on the size and type of your property.

What night vision capabilities will I require in a CCTV System?

The night vision capabilities you should be looking for will depend on how much light is available in your area as well as your budget and specific requirements. When purchasing a CCTV camera, keep in mind that night vision capabilities are influenced by camera resolution.

What is an IP camera?

It is a digital camera that uses your WiFi or Ethernet cable to send its signals.

How many indoor security cameras should I have?

The number of cameras your premises will need depends on the size of your property and the areas in which you wish to watch over. If it’s not practical to cover every door and window, then the next best position is in a hallway which the intruder has to walk down to navigate around your home.

What is “The Cloud” – In non-technical terms?

Cloud computing is a term that we see used everywhere these days. All it means is that you store and access your video from your camera online instead of – or in addition to – physical hard drives. You can just think of the cloud as a metaphor that means the internet, or online data storage.

What happens when the indoor security camera’s microSD Card is full?

When the microSD card becomes full, you have two choices. Either stop recording, but continue to live stream or send motion/sound-activated alerts, or resume recording from the start and write over the older footage.

What does Frames per Second refer to, and why is it important for security cameras?

Frames per second refer to the number of individual pictures the camera takes per second. The human eye cannot detect individual frames at rates above 24 to 30 fps, which means the video looks lifelike when watched. High-quality video cameras will record at 60 fps, but you don’t need that kind of quality, not for a security camera.

What are the other uses for indoor security cameras besides detecting intruders?

Security cameras can be used for a whole range of other things you may not have even thought about. Some of these include:


  1. Checking in on the kids, e.g., are they home from school yet?
  2. Checking in on an elderly relative to make sure they are ok.
  3. Checking in on pets.
  4. Checking to see if you left a window or door open.
  5. Monitoring the baby, babysitter or cleaner, etc.

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