Biometric authentication & face recognition cameras

Boost your security with a biometric authentication system. Our face recognition camera systems use advanced biometric access control.

Melbourne’s fastest and most secure biometric authentication.

The face recognition camera is the ultimate contactless Access Control technology.

There’s nothing more convenient for users and administrators than biometric access control. Users can be onboarded in person or remotely via an app, and there’s no delayed verification. It only takes a second in front of sensors to identify and verify identities.

Quick and accurate identification

Your face is a unique biometric signature that makes facial recognition the most secure single-factor authorisation.


Product manufacturers have designed facial recognition systems to integrate with older access software and devices.

Easy administration

Basing access control on physical facial structure means never having to update pins or replace stolen devices.


Biometric authentication algorithms are already incredibly accurate, but the system can also learn and improve within your environment.

Verified in seconds

A quick pause in front of a face recognition camera is enough for the system to recognise and approve your personnel.

ADACS’ end-to-end solutions keep Melbourne businesses safe and efficient.

From assessment and designs to maintenance plans and urgent repairs, ADACS is renowned for the highest quality of customer service.

Melbourne’s Custom Biometric Authentication Solution

From detailed surveys and quotes to upgrades and repairs, ADACS can improve any access control system. Our team will provide a transparent and affordable plan to ensure devices meet requirements and the necessary equipment is installed.

Survey and Consultation

Our senior technicians are known for providing fast and honest assessments of retail spaces, government sites, offices, and industrial plants. We can also plan efficient security systems from scratch, ensuring your organisation benefits from the latest innovations.

Security System Installation

ADACS turns excellent designs into elegant solutions that work seamlessly with your everyday operations. Certified and insured technicians always install systems under the careful supervision of an experienced senior technician. 

Preventative Security Maintenance

When it comes to security equipment, prevention is much more affordable than a cure. With regular security checks, you can gauge the lifetime of each device, minimise wear and tear, and plan ahead with an annual maintenance budget.

Security System Upgrades And Repairs

We’re the team businesses call when other technicians fail to fix devices. If the device is destined to fail, we’ll be upfront about it. The safety of your assets, team, stock and customers depends on it.

What our customers think about ADACS Security

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them.

“Their state-of-the-art security solutions make you feel like you're living in the future. It's not just protection; it's peace of mind redefined. ”

David Piles

“Thanks to the team at ADACS for their efforts to achieve a cost effective solution that has substantially improved our site security. ”

Simon McDowell

“I was impressed with ADACS Security and its professionalism. I'm 100% satisfied with their work and attitude. I gladly recommend them.”

Shane Dawson

Melbourne’s leading authority on biometric access control devices and software.


Don’t trust your security with an inexperienced or unqualified technician. ADACS has industry certifications awarded by the manufacturers of popular face recognition cameras.


Deal with the respectful, friendly and punctual team that Melbourne businesses have trusted since 1996. We won’t let you down.


Collaborate with a team of biometric authentication specialists that will carefully listen to your requirements and provide a unique solution.


Our team will design a solution to your exact specifications, and we won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with the installation.


As one of the largest teams in Victoria, we have the ability to specialise and offer proven Facial Recognition expertise.

ISO 9001
Biometric Access Control

More accurate than any other method of access control.

Create a smooth flow of personnel through every point with advanced biometric authentication systems.

All it takes is a quick snapshot of a person’s face and ID to add new users to the system, whether it’s a one-time temporary guest or new full-time staff. The new user can immediately begin accessing approved areas. Deep learning capabilities have finetuned face recognition camera technology to the point where these systems are more accurate than any other method.

ADACS has been designing and installing biometric authentication solutions for Melbourne businesses since the technology first entered the market. We know how to configure the devices, optimise software, and train your team to master the technology.

Axis Communications
Inner Range

Our face recognition camera systems use proven algorithms to provide accurate identification and quick verification.

When you have to be sure you’re 100% secure, choose an access control method that can’t be hacked, borrowed or lost. Biometric authentication provides fast access, easy-to-use administration tools and integration with other access control systems. You can even program your face recognition camera system to refuse access to personnel with high temperatures or when they forget to wear a face mask.

Experts in the latest technology

Our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements in the security industry. We’ll recommend the most relevant and efficient devices for your business, including cameras, alarms, access control systems, and duress buttons.

The best recommendations

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them. We pay particular attention to value, including long-term savings. We’ll design a clever system that meets every requirement of your business.

Professional installation

Poor installation can render the most sophisticated security equipment ineffective. With ADACS, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your system. We’ll expertly install devices and integrate new equipment with your systems.

Peace of mind

When we talk about peace of mind, it’s not just the quality of our design and installation. It’s the quality of our people. When you see a technician wearing the ADACS brand, you know they’re qualified, certified, insured, polite and friendly.

100% Reliability

We measure the success of our installations by the number of our systems that still work at 100% efficiency. ADACS provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system protects your organisation and its assets.

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ADACS Security Systems has a reputation for providing innovative and leading electronic security services and products.

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