4G solar security camera systems for remote sites

Use advanced solar security camera systems to monitor huge properties and secure locations without an electricity supply.

Our solar powered security camera systems ensure huge properties are secured.

Whether you’re keeping an eye on hundreds of hectares on a remote property or securing valuable equipment on a site with no electricity, a solar powered security camera is the clever solution. The modern 4G solar security camera is a durable and robust device packed with up to 64GB of storage and accessible via mobile networks. Protect critical equipment, perimeters and the environment with a powerful solar solution.

ADACS’ end-to-end Solar Security Camera solutions

From assessment and designs to maintenance plans and urgent repairs, ADACS is renowned for the highest quality customer service.

Custom 4G Solar Camera Systems

From detailed surveys and quotes to upgrades and repairs, ADACS can ensure your entire property has comprehensive Solar Camera coverage.

Survey and Consultation

Our senior technicians are known for providing honest assessments and clever plans that deliver excellent value.

Security System Installation

ADACS installations are tested thoroughly, and we always follow up to check your system stands the test of time.

Preventative Security Maintenance

We’ll help you avoid faults that could prevent your system from capturing, storing and accessing footage.

Security System Upgrades And Repairs

When the safety of your assets, team, stock and customers depends on your security system, choose ADACS’ 24-hour repair service.

What our customers think about ADACS Security

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them.

“Their state-of-the-art security solutions make you feel like you're living in the future. It's not just protection; it's peace of mind redefined. ”

David Piles

“Thanks to the team at ADACS for their efforts to achieve a cost effective solution that has substantially improved our site security. ”

Simon McDowell

“I was impressed with ADACS Security and its professionalism. I'm 100% satisfied with their work and attitude. I gladly recommend them.”

Shane Dawson

Melbourne’s custom 4G solar security camera design and installation solution.


ADACS technicians have all the necessary qualifications and certifications to work with solar security cameras and data.


ADACS’s requirements gathering, close consultation and adherence to specifications will deliver a result that perfectly meets all requirements.


Our scale and experience allow us to create specialist teams. You’ll benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained from dozens of similar installations.


You can always expect your friendly ADACS technicians to be polite, punctual and respectful to your property and personnel.


Discovering solar camera technology for the first time? Our professionals will take the time to present every option and ensure you make informed decisions.

ISO 9001
Solar CCTV Camera

Harness the sun's power to secure large and remote locations.

ADACS is helping the rural and construction sectors with intelligent solar solutions. Our experts are helping the rural sector monitor perimeters and crops while our work on construction sites reduces instances of equipment and material theft.

We’re excited to deliver excellent security solutions to businesses that have never been able to monitor entire sites. With the help of ADACS’ experienced technicians, farmers and builders are discovering the powerful features of modern 4G Solar Cameras.

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Inner Range

ADACS’ end-to-end Solar Security Camera solutions

Our solar security camera experts can introduce you to the complete set of camera features and benefits.

Experts in the latest technology

Our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest technology and advancements in the security industry. We’ll recommend the most relevant and efficient devices for your business, including cameras, alarms, access control systems, and duress buttons.

The best recommendations

ADACS doesn’t just focus on winning new clients – we’re determined to keep them. We pay particular attention to value, including long-term savings. We’ll design a clever system that meets every requirement of your business.

Professional installation

Poor installation can render the most sophisticated security equipment ineffective. With ADACS, you’ll never have to worry about the integrity of your system. We’ll expertly install devices and integrate new equipment with your systems.

Peace of mind

When we talk about peace of mind, it’s not just the quality of our design and installation. It’s the quality of our people. When you see a technician wearing the ADACS brand, you know they’re qualified, certified, insured, polite and friendly.

100% Reliability

We measure the success of our installations by the number of our systems that still work at 100% efficiency. ADACS provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system protects your organisation and its assets.

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ADACS Security Systems has a reputation for providing innovative and leading electronic security services and products.

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