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ADACS’ security systems keep Melbourne businesses safe

From assessment and design to maintenance plans and urgent repairs, no other security system supplier matches ADACS’ commitment to customer service..

Security System Installation

With Melbourne’s most experienced and specialised technicians, ADACS turns excellent designs into efficient installations. 

Preventative Security Maintenance

After 25 years in the industry, we’ve learned that prevention is more affordable than a cure.

Security System Upgrades And Repairs

We’re the team Melbourne relies on for 24-7 emergency response and the highest quality repairs. 

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Our Melbourne security systems are the ultimate protection for your site, assets and personnel.

ADACS designs, installs and maintains the most reliable security systems in Melbourne. From tailored system designs to thoroughly tested installations, ADACS is Melbourne’s most trusted security system supplier. We focus on keeping your business 100% secure so you can focus on productivity and profit.

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The best security systems in Melbourne, installed perfectly the first time.

Don’t put the future of your business in the hands of unqualified or inexperienced installers. Whether due to poor planning, bad wiring or non-compliance, substandard installation could lead to costly repairs and the loss of critical assets. 

ADACS is the most trusted provider of security for Melbourne businesses. We work closely with companies to ensure systems are robust and built to last. 

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Partner with a team that understands your industry

ADACS has delivered hundreds of successful security systems in Melbourne across every business sector. Our knowledge of each industry’s requirements makes us your ideal security system supplier. We know the common pitfalls and challenges that your business must negotiate. When you partner with ADACS, we’ll assign a senior technician with industry-specific knowledge to your project. We maximise your business’ defence by highlighting threats you may not have identified.  Ensure your business is 100% secure. Talk to an ADACS expert about our experience in your sector. 

ADAS Retail Security

Secure your retail success with ADACS, where cutting-edge security seamlessly blends into the shopping experience

ADACS Manufacturing

In the manufacturing and industrial sector, ADACS’s robust security systems bolster operational efficiency and protect critical infrastructure.

ADACS Office Security

For offices and small businesses, ADACS delivers tailored security solutions that safeguard premises and foster a secure working environment.


 ADACS extends its security expertise to farms, offering solutions that protect agricultural assets and ensure rural safety.

ADACS Hospitals

ADACS specialises in hospital and medical facility security, providing systems that ensure patient safety and protect sensitive areas.

ADACS Aged Care

With ADACS, aged care facilities benefit from compassionate security solutions that prioritise resident safety and facility integrity.

ADACS Schools and Universities

ADACS supports educational institutions with comprehensive security systems that create a safe and conducive learning environment.

ADACS Pubs and Clubs

ADACS brings peace of mind to the hospitality industry with security systems designed for the unique needs of pubs and clubs.

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answer to the most common question our users.

What security services does ADACS offer?

ADACS provides a comprehensive range of security solutions including CCTV camera installations, alarm systems, access control, 4G Solar CCTV, GPRS Commercial Alarm Monitoring, and custom security designs tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various industries.

How does ADACS ensure the quality of its security system installations?

ADACS employs a team of highly skilled and certified technicians with over 27 years of experience. Every installation is meticulously planned, executed, and rigorously tested to ensure optimal performance and reliability, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Can ADACS provide security solutions for specific industries like manufacturing or retail?

Yes, ADACS specialises in delivering customised security solutions tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of various industries, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, and hospitality, ensuring a perfect fit for your business’s specific needs.

Does ADACS offer maintenance and repair services for existing security systems?

Absolutely, ADACS offers comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all types of security systems, ensuring they remain in top working condition. Our preventive maintenance plans are designed to extend the life of your security equipment and minimise downtime.

What makes ADACS different from other security service providers?

ADACS stands out due to its deep industry experience, commitment to quality, personalised service, and ability to provide end-to-end security solutions, from assessment and design to installation, maintenance, and upgrades

How can I get a security risk assessment for my business?

You can easily schedule a free security risk assessment with ADACS by contacting us through our website or calling our customer service. Our expert team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your premises and provide you with tailored recommendations to enhance your security posture.

Secure your business with the team more Melbourne businesses trust.

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Oliver Robinson

Cyber Security Analyst

As a cybersecurity analyst, I can vouch for ADACS Security’s proficiency in the field. Their seamless installation of advanced systems coupled with a highly trained staff ensures a robust security network.

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